frisbee (plural frisbees)

  1. A plastic disk that is thrown with a snap of the wrist so as to spin it to aid in keeping it aloft; used for recreation.
  2. The sport involving Frisbees.


  • flying disc

7 letters in word "frisbee": B E E F I R S.

No anagrams for frisbee found in this word list.

Words found within frisbee:

be bee beef beefs beer beers bees bere beres bes bi bier biers birse bis bise bree brees brei breis brie brief briefs bries bris brise ee ef efs er ere eres erf ers es fe fee feer feers fees feis fer fere feres fes fib fiber fibers fibre fibres fibs fie fiere fieres fir fire fires firs free frees fries fris frise frisee if ifs ire ires is re reb rebs ree reef reefs rees ref refs rei reif reifs reis res rib ribes ribs rif rife rifs rise see seer sei seif seir ser sere serf serif si sib sir sire siree sri

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